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Welcome to

"Ask Coastal Eddy"

An advice column launched by The Caribou Club Superbowl Sunday February 6, 2011, 

Join us here each week or so, as Coastal Eddy wades into the deep waters of the mysteries of the universe, providing advice to lovers, surfers, fishermen, winners and losers everywhere. 

Coastal Eddy will also feature and comment on any screwball ideas you write in about, from ways to keep your boat afloat to ways to saving the world. So if you’re still standing on the sidelines watching the Superbowl and losing your bet, this is the column for you. 

This column will include letters from our readers, links, quotes, and sage advice on romance, relationships, fishing, surfing, boating, music, and tips on how to gain social acceptance, 

Coastal Eddy’s five "Ports of Call" on the voyage to acceptance:





 Home Detention

All this from the one and only dockside doctor of the dysfunctional, Coastal Eddy.

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